Summer Salmon Burgers

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by Chris on July 14, 2014


With the summer months in full swing here in sunny California, the weekend barbeques have been calling my name.  It’s hard not to want to dig into a big, juicy burger or a beautiful TBone steak.  Oh, to be able to eat meat again without becoming ill… *Dreamy*


Since my dream of eating meat without issue will remain in lala-land, I continuously work to redirect my cravings to other delicious options.  Like what?  Fish.  There are countless meat dishes that can be recreated with a fish substitute.  But, you know that.  And you know that there are a number of ways to form a salmon burger. But, this is my way.

Since moving my home across coasts, I haven’t grilled for myself. It’s the downside of moving my a home to an apartment.  Even so, I was determined with these burgers.  They were going to be made. Or, as they say in the south, “”Git er done.”

Enjoy! SalmonBurger


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Carol at Wild Goose Tea July 18, 2014 at 2:07 PM

This is the first year I have had in years and years and years—-may I should have just said eons—Lol. I have room for one. But I am not really sure I want another one. But it is odd not grilling this summer. But on a positive note, I think you did a great job with these burgers. I keep looking at the fine grain of the texture in the photo. I am not sure I would have guessed just from the photo that is was a fish burger.

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