Blueberry Onion Jam with Candied Kumquats

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by Chris on December 15, 2012


Allow me to preface the following scenario with my apologies for however inappropriate you deem the conversation.  But, I can’t help by giggle reflecting upon the moments I have with “the teen” that remind me how lucky I am that he still feels comfortable speaking with me about any and everything.

The scene:  Atlanta suburb. Kitchen. Chris at the stove while “the teen” is strooned across the couch, arms extended as he texts his girlfriend.

Teen – Ma, what are you making?
Chris – Candied Kumquats
Teen – Huh? What did you just say?
Chris – Candied Kumquats.  I am making Candied Kumquats.
Teen – Eww, Ma!!! Moms can’t use words like that!
Teen proceed to sit up straight and glare toward the kitchen giving the *side eye*.
Chris – G! Kumquats, the little orange citrus fruits. I am cooking them in sugar.
Teen – That is so not what I heard.
Chris – They’ll be tasty. Don’t knock it until you try it.
Teen resumed is laid back position on the couch.  Smirking and chuckling.

Teen – Oh, trust me…I have knocked it…and tried it.
Chris – Ug!  Really, G? How old are you?

Boys.  Forever middle schoolers!

Even though the teen and I have had our share of awkward, adolescent conversations, he has turned into a phenomenal young man who is months away from graduating.  Maybe one day, is palate will catch up to his age.  Ha!!

As far as the kumquats go, I decided to make them as an edible garnish for some Blueberry Onion Jam I made using California Giant Blueberries.  They sent me a flat of beautiful fresh blueberries to experiment with in my kitchen and this is one of the recipes I made. Although the onions and berries were crushed during the cooking process, I suppose this is not a true jam, per say.  It isn’t really a spread.  Maybe its more of a chutney. But, it is thick and delicious. Next time, I guess I could dice the onions finely to mimic a jam.  I will see.  For now, I simply enjoyed the blue treat on a cracker with a mild cheese, topped with the candied kumquats.  The jam also works well on top of Baked Brie, roasted or seared fish, or in a turkey sandwich. Can you say, “Yum”?

Several cups of blueberries remain and wait patiently in my freezer as I think of how to use them next time. I also made a small loaf of bread, incorporating molasses, a warm winter ingredient.  Happily, both recipes can be found on the California Giant Blueberries Buzz page.

Disclaimer: I was provided with blueberries to use. However, I am under no obligation to provide a post regarding the samples. All opinions noted here are my own, always.
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Kate December 16, 2012 at 12:39 AM

Funny, I made blueberry shortcake tonight. And my husband was so impressed with these “winter berries.”

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