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by Chris on November 2, 2012

Ahh….The cannoli.  The beloved Italian dessert we loved to ogle during special occasion dinners will forever be a classic. While cannolis remain a special indulgence in my adult-life, I am afraid my ambitious baking of the sweet treats does not match that of my grandmother’s or great aunts.  Making cannoli’s completely from scratch requires forming tubes to make the shells.  I own them, 15 of them to be exact.  Yet, those tubes have not seen the light of day more than on one or two occasions. My Restaurant Depot card + the cannoli shells they sell =  win-win.

Cannoli filling is actually super simple to make.  But, when I made a batch this last time, I ended up with cannoli filling soup. Okay, it was a little thicker than a soup, but it was runny!  All that drained ricotta, acting like a cartoon cat refusing to get into its carrier.  Refusing to throw out so much filling, and not wanting to add more sugar and compromise taste,  I decided to re-purpose the “error” as the center goodness in a small cake, and use the shell for garnish.


The cupcakes went to work with my Sheriff neighbor and the county court clerks were happy government employees that particular day! Yippee!

Happy Friday, everyone!


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