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by Chris on October 26, 2012

purè di castagne/chestnut puree

Various events that have occurred in recent weeks have lead me to become quite nostalgic.  Then, while in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, the brisk weather, an impromptu trip into NYC,  and a brief surprise drop-in on my mom, amplified my wistfulness. Since that trip, I have tried to note at least one memory I cherish. The chestnut puree I used in these rich, creamy bite brought me back to the days my gram marked an X in the flat side of fresh chestnuts and roasted them in an oven as warm as her words. The aroma would full the house and surround us like one of her comforting hugs.

Since fresh chestnuts are not always readily available, Trader Joe’s 8 ounce packages of steamed, peeled, whole chestnuts come in very handy. They’re easy to make into a puree. Even so, I obtained several jars of chestnut puree some time ago and I have been dying to incorporate their goodness in something delicious. And, chestnut puree and chocolate sing a beautiful love song.


I piped the cream into the last few dozen  chocolate cups I had, the same ones I used for the Mini Tiramisu Cups and Orange Mascarpone Mousse Cups.  Not sure what I wanted to use as a garnish, I split large malt balls I purchase at Citarella. They worked perfectly.

Chocolate.Chestnut Cream

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