Hibiscus Mango Tea Sandwich Cookies

by Chris on September 30, 2012


The Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is one of my favorite flowers. They grow on a small tree and (typically) have bright, colorful flowers. Despite the fact that Hibiscus is not typically found growing in Atlanta, I am particularly fond of the red Hibiscus; there is a quality about the flower I find quite lovely and inviting.

When I first came across the hibiscus tea, from  Spices & Tease, I became a fan of the fruity, tart-like flavor. Infusing its flavor in various dishes, as well as brewing the tea soon became routine. Luckily, a generous level of flavonoids, minerals, vitamin C , and diuretic properties are suggested to can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Some time ago, I incorporated the tea in shortbread. Because of the sweetness the sweet tea naturally adds to a dough, I made a muted filling with mascarpone cheese. The result not only became a perfect addition for Weekend Herb Blogging (managed by Haalo, hosted by me this week),  but the cookies were wonderfully addictive.

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