Feast of the Seven Fishes: Stuffed Lobster Tails & Fish Rolls

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by Chris on December 22, 2011


Growing up in New England, I was spoiled. I don’t mean with being the youngest, which helped with rules, toys and other activities. I mean the food. In particular, fish. Oh, the fish! The Haddock of Massachusetts, the lobsters of Maine, and the clams of Rhode Island are tantalizing teases to one’s palate. Interestingly, I was not the big of a fan of fish when I was younger as I am now, so I am cranky I didn’t fully appreciate what I had at my fingertips.

One food I did not eat, at all, was lobster. They freaked me out! I get that the brain of a lobster is about the same as a grasshopper. But, the screams that resulted when boiling a lobster. Oh, the saturation of cries in the kitchen as the crustaceans would bellow while they penetrated the boiling water have stayed with me to this day. Then, there were those occasions when my father took his big ol’ knife to the lobster’s head, then pierces the lobster in between the eyes. Ug!

It took me many years to be able to eat lobster without wanting to hyperventilate. But, now that I am older, I think I have successfully fixed my phobia, as long as I don’t see a full lobster. When my grocer had lobster tails available last week, it was a sign to prove I am cured. I had to bring some home; I was all about it, especially with no beady eyes looking at me!

With the tails I picked up, I went simple so I could be sure the lobster meat was highlighted. The end result was delicious. My only disappointing moment was when I realized, after eating, my tail shell was empty.

Braciole is a thin rolled beef dish I enjoyed when I was young, without any hesitation. Mom rolled the meat simply with garlic, parsley, grated cheeses and raisins then cooked the rolls in her amazingly delicious marinara sauce. Oh…the thought makes my mouth water and wish I was in her kitchen at this moment. Unfortunately, I am not there, nor so I eat meat hardly at all anymore. So, I emulated the dish with my own spin, with fish.

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Kate December 23, 2011 at 1:22 PM

I’m not a fan of fish, so I never took advantage of the East Coast seafood when I lived there either. Except the lobster. We have lobster here too, but they’re different than the Maine/Mass guys.

Chris December 26, 2011 at 6:40 PM

I wasn’t a fan of fish until I was older. Isn’t it funny how the Maine/Mass Lobster are the “in” crowd! :)

DessertForTwo December 23, 2011 at 3:23 PM

These look delicious! I’m a bit squeemish about eating lobster too. Maybe once a year is ok with me :)

Chris December 26, 2011 at 6:39 PM

Thanks Christina! This was fun for me. But, I much prefer to eat lobster that is prepared for me. :)

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