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by Chris on November 22, 2011


You’re about to see a common theme on Mele Cotte this week.  Sweet potatoes.  If your markets are like the ones around here, sweet potatoes are practically being given away!  Low costs and family demands for sweet potato casseroles make for happy households, including mine.  But, sweet potatoes are so much more than a baked side or marshmallow topped casserole. I mean, didn’t the Sweet Potato Doughnuts with Marshmallow Glaze sound tummy bells? Well, how about sweet potato pecan pie or sweet potato casserole bars.  Sweet potato cupcakes?  Or, all three?  All in good time….or at least throughout the week, as all were made this weekend.

First up? The cupcakes. When I saw these these cupcakes, posted by Better Homes and Garden, I ooh’d and ahh’d.  Then, I read about the chocolate surprise, a chocolate Kiss, in the center.  Fun! Too bad my baking adventures began without remembering the Kisses.  Not to worry, they work without the candy center.

My thoughts when all was said and done?  These cupcakes were really moist with a pleasing texture. I knew this was a recipe keeper when I saw the nooks and crannies in the cooked cakes; a sure sign of a light cake. Looking at them, I needed to take a bite, despite not bring able to eat chocolate. So, to be honest, I am actually happy I didn’t include the chocolate center.  With the omission, then left undressed without the frosting, I was able to indulge. I was a happy girl…almost as happy as my neighbors, who are the recipients of my baking binges.

Other than in a pie or casserole, how do you like your sweet potato?

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brandi November 22, 2011 at 1:52 PM

goodness gracious, those pictures are beautiful! i’d like two, please!

Kate November 25, 2011 at 12:34 AM

I am very much looking forward to sweet potato week!

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