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by Chris on November 6, 2011


This week is special for plant-based ingredients and the recipes that adore them. Haalo is hosting the 6th birthday edition of Weekend Herb Blogging. Six years! Where does the time go? Amazing..A simple routine of Kalyn allowing us a peek at her garden turned into a weekly gathering of cooks everywhere, paying homage to herbs and vegetables.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I am sharing a recipe that includes one of my most favorite ingredients, figs. I have some posts that include figs, mostly fresh. They’re a fruit I adore and eat as them much as I can. The issue, as far as blogging/posting is concerned, is that figs don’t last long enough to make it into a dish. (The same can be said about my love for dates.) It’s a good thing figs are a good source of calcium, fiber and potassium; I can justify my obsession.

Excited when I managed to put something together last week, it’s autumn and dried figs are seen all around now because of holiday-specific displays. Chutney was calling begging me to make a batch.

Chutney, a versatile spread, and adds to whatever it is paired with, as a condiment on sandwich, served as an accompaniment on a cheeseboard, or alongside a meat, like pork. Most chutneys have similar ingredients, a fruit, sugar, onion, and vinegar/acid. While the combination balances one another, I chose to eliminate the the sugar here.


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