Grilled Tofu Lettuce Wrap

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by Chris on September 12, 2011

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Don’t click away just yet!  I am not really a tofu girl, either.  It’s a texture thing, for me. Until recently, despite a few adventures in tofu, the bean curd had to be camouflaged (like in the  Sundried Tomato Spread or Vegetarian Moussaka).  But, I believe I am about to turn the corner. As long as I stick to firm tofu when it is the star of the dish, I may be able to avoid permanent regression.

To date, these wraps may be my favorite tofu-at-home recipe. The marinade offers tremendous flavor.  But, if you are still giving me the eyebrow, it’s okay.  The marinade will work for your protein of choice, chicken, beef, or fish.  Just watch your marinading times, though.  Fish does not need much soaking at all, no more than 30 minutes.


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