Homemade Whatchamacallit (Candy) Bars

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by Chris on July 20, 2011

come lo chiami/what do you call it

My new job began this week and so far so good! The position has me immersed in school administration more than I have every been before; my responsibilities have increased ten fold. Naturally, I am nervous. But, I am totally stoked with the passion of those I have met and worked with thus far, and the curricular focus.  The school’s vision, in conjunction with expeditionary learning experience focused on literacy,math, science, and humanities, opens endless possibilities for the kids.

With goals so different from school’s I have worked with in the past, I have found myself facing another learning curve.  While its a welcomed curve, I am a girl with a ton of questions.  “What is….?  “Who is…?” “How does…?” “Whatchamacallit?” The queries are why these Whatchamacallits bars fit into my week.

Remember Whatchamacallit bars from when we were kids?  They always had that “what is it” flavor mixed in with its chocolatey crispy crunch. Did you know they’re still around?  While I have no problem grabbing one while I am in line at the grocery store, it is just as more fun to make them. Like the Twix bars.

And, these are really two treats in one.  Don’t feel like chocolate?  Okay.  Omit that step.

Then, you can enjoy a peanut butter butterscotchy marshmallow treat. Cool, right?

Whether your preference is with or without chocolate, I will leave you to relish these lil’ tasty treats while I continue to probe my new colleagues and organize for the new school year. Enjoy!

*Note:  Don’t have access to butterscotch chips?  Make your  own butterscotch.

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