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by Chris on July 25, 2011


Happy Eat. Live. Be. Monday!  I completely flaked last week.  It was Secret Recipe Club posting day, which apparently caused me to have tunnel vision. Forgetting to Eat. Live. Be. last week was apropos because the topic (#29) was about wake-up calls.  Managing my time has been a huge struggle for me as of late.  And, little moments like forgetting ELB, brings that to the surface. For some reason, remember specifics, multi-tasking, and showing up anywhere on time has been had been a thorn in my side. All ability to focus has disappeared.

I have figured out where a lot of my absentmindedness comes from and I am working on it. I have  slowly begun to minimize with my surroundings and my obligations.  Part of that plan is benching my baking. Now, I am not going to stop altogether.  But, because I love it so much and wish I was doing it full time, I tend to blow off other things in order to stay in the kitchen.  No good. My sweets don’t pay the bills, so the eggs, flour, and sugar are moving back into their former position – a stress reliever.

Interestingly, enough, this week’s topic (#30): What do you do when you are too tired to (cook, exercise, whatever your challenge is)? I read cookbooks, stumble, and/or bake, and any combination of the three.  Case in point?  Strawberry bread.

With a ridiculous amount of strawberries left over from my Blue Ridge weekend , I wanted to make something that I could use all the quickly-withering berries.  Luckily, I “stumbled” upon Brandie’s site and her Strawberry bread was perfect! While is makes two (2) 9 x 5 inch loaves, I used some smaller cardboard loaf pans and shared the bread with friends and neighbors.

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