Onion Frittata Recipe

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by Chris on June 22, 2011


I am hosting this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging (#289).  By now, you are probably more than familiar with this delicious weekly event that was started by Kalyn and is now managed/organized by Haalo.  You have participated, right? Yes?  No? C’mon now.  I know you’re cookin’ something in that kitchen of yours. The proof has been on your blogs, people….all the plant-based dishes tantalizing our taste buds…the herbs, vegetables, fruits, and grains have been making all of us hungry.  Email me and I will add your post to the Round Up. (hint, hint)

Talking about plant based…How about this Bon Appétit Onion Tart? Not only does it include basil, sage and rosemary, but I added tomatoes.  Yup…The Mele Cotte Kitchen has been all about tomatoes. Even after all the recent tomato usage, I have 3 lbs leftover from my last week’s visit to the school gardens, and brought home another 5 or so pounds yesterday. I am tellin’ ya..I am going to look like a tomato any day now.

Even so, I am going to be a happy tomato eating this light and fulfilling frittata. Enjoy!

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