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by Chris on June 12, 2011


Every once in a while, I end up with something in the kitchen that causes me want to hoot and holler. Case in point?  Twix Bars.  Homemade Twix bars.  You see, while reading Amanda’s To Do ListLiz’s Twix Bars struck a chord with me  on a couple of levels.

First, the post referenced candy. I am a candy-aholic.  Yup.  Addicted.  As healthy as I eat, with my farro, legumes and fish, I cancel it all out with candy.  There.  I admitted my Achilles heel.  I am a sucker for tart candy like Lemonheads, Sour Patch Kids and Sprees, as well as sugary bites, like Necos, Boston Baked Beans, and  Good n Plenty. Oddly, I am really not a chocolate girl, despite baking with it all the time. Being allergic to chocolate might have something to do with my aversion. Even so, I do find myself sneaking a Twix every now and again.  There is something about the gooey caramel and chocolate colliding with the cookie inside that makes me swoon.  So, you can imagine my glee when I saw Amanda’s link to Liz’s homemade version.

The second chord that strummed for me was its eerie déjà vu-like familiarity/presence as I ogled at the picture on my screen.   After pondering for a while, then (virtually) flipping through my bookmarks, low and behold I found the Twix Bars.  Turns out, I bookmarked Liz’s Twix Bars long ago.  Sadly, the link became a needle in the haystack of “favorites”, another “must try” recipe abandoned. Until now.

I hopped in the kitchen this week, borrowed the idea, and played.  What better way to amuse myself than with shortbread, caramel, and my new colossal bag of Scharffen Berger Bittersweet chocolate? During my playtime, I decided to travel a different route with the bar’s caramel.  Why?  Lack of brown sugar.  Then, I was going to remedy that issue with castor sugar and molasses.  No molasses.  Really? What ingredient-eating monster invaded my cabinets? Grrr. So, all I had left in my bag of tricks was Dark Corn Syrup.  The end result is the recipe below…and it works.  It works well.

Happily , I shared my twix bars with Tami, Erin, Patti, Lee, and Broderick.  They seemed to like the bars as much as I did.  That’s a good thing! I have a feeling this is going to me my new go-to sweet when I need to whip up something.  They’re super simple and irresistible.

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