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by Chris on May 3, 2010

**This will be the last post for a few days. Why? With Barbara‘s assistance and expertise, Mele Cotte is undergoing some very exciting changes. More info soon, along with the big reveal! I am so, so excited! Hope you will be too.

Kale, a family member of cabbage and brussel sprouts, is a superfood. It is so very healthy, as it is packed with beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, as well as rich in minerals. All that information is fabulous! But, what’s more? Kale is loaded with the organosulfur compounds which may lessen chances of some cancers to reoccur. This, my friends, is where my ears perk up. That not only means it is great for me, with my medical history, but for Cooking to Combat Cancer IV.

Admittedly, I use of Kale does not match my enjoyment of the green goodness. My Kale adventures usually hang out in soups and omelets. I really need to braise or sauté it more…add onions and garlic. Recently, I have been roasting it a lot…making Kale Chips. The leafy greens become crunchy and oober delicious, almost popcorn like!

I have made chips several ways, lightly tossing the leaves (ribs removed) in some combo of oil, sometimes vinegar, salt and pepper. In a 400 degree F oven for 5 minutes and voila….chips.

But, as Susan (Fat Free Vegan Kitchen) explains, Timing is crucial for these chips: too long and they taste burned, two short and they are chewy rather than crispy.

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Be sure to check out the Cooking to Combat Cancer IV post and email me at melecotte (AT) gmail (DOT) com with your recipes! Deadline is Friday, May 14th 11:59 EST

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