Oyster Mushroom Omelet Breakfast Burrito

by Chris on March 30, 2010

prepara la prima/preparing breakfast

Weekends are really the only time I actually take the time to “cook” breakfast. Weekday breakfasts, as of late, have consisted cottage cheese and fruit. Do you find you have a discrepancy with your weekday and weekend meals?

My recent trip to the farmer’s market , in addition to a zillion green foods, I ended up with oyster mushrooms. I have eaten them out, never have never bought/cooked them. So, to google I went and was excited to see preparing them is similar to other ‘shrooms.

I cut off the lower stems, flushed out the gills to rid them of any little critters that took up residence, and used a damp cloth to remove dirt/liquid. Slice, slice, and into the same saute pan I cooked up some panchetta, add some eggs and a little ground pepper….and Phew! This was one yummy filling on top of arugula for a breakfast burrito.

There isn’t really a recipe to this because its really according to taste and how hungry you are, I believe. :)

I am addicted to them now. And, of course I want to incorporate them more and more into my cooking. So….here’s the question. What are the dishes have you made that included oyster mushrooms?

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youarewhatyoueatorreheat April 2, 2010 at 4:25 PM

oh holy wow that looks delicious. why can't it be sitting on a plate in front of me right now? life really is unfair sometimes.

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