Food Destination Part 2 – Muss & Turner’s

by Chris on February 25, 2007

This is my second posting/contribution for From Our Kitchen’s blog event, Food Destination #5. My first was featuring Village Sushi & Gourmet and this second is featuring Muss & Turner’s. Muss & Turner’s, to be honest, is more of a destination for Sharon & Jim. Since they do not have a blog, I am taking the liberty of posting a Food Destination for them. (I hope they don’t mind!) As a regular, Sharon recommended it the restaurant highly.

So, a friend and I headed over to the small establishment. I liked the menu because it was simple yet diverse. You know what I mean? The menu did not overwhelm me with a zillion choices, but the choices that were present caught our eye.

We opted not to drink, although they had a lovely array of wine and beers. Nor did we have cheese & bread, or any appetizer. But, looking at the nearby tables, all the other patrons were drinking down and gobbling up – so one can only assume that all was deeeelish!

For the dinner, my friend ordered the lamb stew on a bed of white beans and roasted tomatoes. My friend asked for the lamb medium and raved about the taste.

I ordered the Northern Georgia Trout on a bed of creamed lentils, leeks, and parsnips, with a pork belly salad. (That was a mouthful – pun intended!)
The skin was left on the fish, which made the fish so flavorful and moist.

The food was tremendous. I mean – wow. The only bummer was my unfortunate luck brought us a less than desirable server who will definitely not win the “All Star Service” award, but I will absolutely go back again. The other servers seemed much more attentive to their customers, so I will not hold one experience turn me off. The food was just that good!

Muss and Turner’s
1675 Cumberland Parkway Suuite 309
Smyrna, GA 30080
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