Turkey Jerky (for pups)

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by Chris on April 13, 2014

jerky/strisce di carne essiccata

Some time ago, I thumbed through a Rachel Ray magazine and came across her pet-friendly turkey jerky. Having made dog treats time and time again, I knew these nibbles made from ground turkey would be perfect for my two 4-legged nieces/ Charlie and Harley are so sweet and show me so much love when I visit.  It is only my pleasure to show them love in return.

Dog TreatsI tweaked the recipe just a bit.  Even with the absence of carrot, my furry friends gobbled them up with a puppy smile on their muzzles. With treats like this, Milk Bone who?

Jerky Recipe


granturco/sweet corn

Spring is here!  But, don’t get too comfortable.  The summer sun will be shining down before we know it and it’s rays will be nudging you and me to mosey-on outside and celebrate with family, friends, and food. In turn, farmer’s markets, seasonal roadside stands and gardens will be overflowing with an abundance of the season’s freshness. And, how better to celebrate summer season’s freshness than with sweet corn?


There is something about grabbing hold of really fresh ears that stir up memories from my past, like when I was a youngin’ living in my parent’s home, grilling on (sketchy) Boston roof tops as a collegiate, or entertaining in my own home’s backyard in Atlanta. No matter the decade, or specific preparation methods, one thing is for certain.  Summer is not summer without breaking open a corn husk, peeling away the silk off each ear, and chuckling because someone will inevitably struggle to get that one piece of silk that was missed out from between their teeth.

I know.  Your own personal memories are bubbling to the surface at this very moment.  You’re even racking your brain, trying to figure out where those little yellow plastic corn cob holders are in the kitchen, right? Since I don’t have any of those little guys, I decided to go rogue with the first ears of the season I picked up from the market.  Traditional butter, salt and pepper cob?  No way. I made sure my ears were devoid of shriveled kernels. The corn that came home with me was bright white, plump and milky when pressed, perfect for juicing or pureeing.

First, I made a relish.  Easy as 1,

CornRelish2, CornRelish43.


But, you know I love making and sharing desserts.  So, I went back into the kitchen and traveled down memory lane once again. When I revisited the time I made countless desserts during the dinner shifts at the restaurant several years ago.

I made semifreddos for months on end while working in that kitchen. Semifreddo after semifreddo. It became routine…until I played around with different flavor profiles on nights it was slow.  Channeling that energy, I took my sweet corn in hand and decided to make a sweet corn semifreddo with a corn cake, crunchy candied kernels, and caramel sauce.  The creaminess of the semifreddo, its subtle corn flavor against the sponge of the cake, and the crunch of the kernels was a summer day in a bite. I was pleased.

Cravin’ corn yet? What summer lovin’ are you planning to pay some sweet corn? Not sure?  No worries!  There isn’t any reason to strain your brain trying to think of ways to prepare this summer’s corn.  Sunshine Sweet Corn is ready and waiting to help “Put a Little Sweet in Your Step”. The Sunshine Sweet Corn site has copious recipes to try. There are several of my fellow bloggers participating in Kitchen Play’s Florida Sweet Corn Exchange all week (April 7 – 11). Each day will definitely entice you to get a little corny!

Then, there is the giveaway.  Yup!  A giveaway! I want to invite you to pin recipes that include sweet corn, any corn, not just Sunshine Sweet Corn recipes, to my Sweet Corn Creations Pinterest Board. The more the pins the merrier (but only your first will be considered)! An ample Pinterest board leads to endless inspiration to cook and bake with sweet corn, right? I will be giving away a $50 gift card to one randomly selected guest pinner on our group board.  Just in time for summer produce shopping!

To enter the Pin Party for a chance to win a $50 VISA gift card, just leave me comment letting me know you’d like to be part of the Pin Party (be sure to include the email you use on your Pinterest account when filling out the comment info) and I’ll send you an invite to my Sweet Corn Creations Pinterest Board.  Then, you can pin your favorite corn recipe to this board.  (Note: Pinterest will only allow invites to group boards to people who follow all of my boards.  Sorry, but thank you!)  Pinning for a chance to win will end on April 16, 2014 at 11:59EST.  Good luck!

No purchase necessary. Open to US residents age 18 and older. This sweepstakes is sponsored by the Florida Sweet Corn Exchange in partnership with Kitchen PLAY. One prize of a $50 Visa gift card will be awarded randomly to one eligible entrant. To be eligible to win, reader must request to be added to the Sweet Corn Goodness Pinterest group board  maintained by Mele Cotte, via the comments on this post. Once added to the group board, he/she must then add at least one pin featuring sweet corn to the group board during the sweepstakes period. (Pinning from the Florida Sweet Corn Pinterest board is allowed.)

This promotion begins at 9:00 AM EST on April 9, 2014 and ends at 11:59 PM EST on April 16, 2014. Winner will be selected randomly on April 17, 2014  from all eligible entries and notified by email. Winner must provide shipping address within 48 hours of notification, at which time a new winner will be chosen randomly from all remaining eligible entries. Odds of winning depend on final number of eligible entries. Total value of prize is $50, and no cash will be awarded in exchange for the prize.

Sweet Corn Semifreddo Recipe


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